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A career with the world market and technology leader

We are the world market and technology leader. Our objective is to not only maintain this position, but to expand it further. This requires employees with a high performance standard.

We expect commitment, motivation, creativity, willingness to make decisions, value-based actions as well as social and professional competence.

We offer: good opportunities for further training, development and promotion including the opportunity to assume responsibility quickly within a globally operating group, individual career planning, above-average remuneration, outstanding health and preventive care programs and many services that will simply make your life easier.

Performance-based remuneration
We reward the commitment of our employees with performance-oriented payment, which exceeds the average of comparable industries.Together we define individual targets. Depending on the realization of the target and taking into account the corporate goal, a variable component is paid, which may amount to up to 50% of the annual income.

In the production segment the principle of performance-based remuneration is also gradually introduced: depending on their position and responsibility, employees are paid up to an extent of 50% for the progress in productivity realized.

There’s nothing in the way of your international career
Our global network, which extends to more than 10,000 customers in over 180 countries, 70 sales offices on 4 continents and our 25 production sites in Europe, North America, Latin America, South Africa and China, offers top performers and experts the opportunity to further enhance their leadership competence in an intercultural environment within international training programs.

Award-winning employer
We have won a variety of awards and quality seals for our future-oriented personnel development, occupational safety, occupational health promotion and for our apprenticeship training, which is setting new standards.

Also an award winner: our health and preventive care program
For many years a comprehensive, multiple award-winning occupational health management has become established as a sustainable part of our corporate culture. The focus is placed on health-promoting measures which go beyond classic prevention: they build up and strengthen personal resources on a sustained basis.

Because: only a sustainable occupational health and safety policy protects and promotes the health of all employees, thus providing for increased performance and motivation in our Group.

Work-life balance
We support our employees in making their personal work-life balance more effective and address their circumstances and personal needs. Flexible working time models, with specifically designed offers to promote personal resources, with return-to-work solutions after or home-office solutions and part-time models during maternity leave and numerous offers for sports and cultural leisure time activities.

People from 65 nations and a wide variety of cultural backgrounds work for RHI. We respect and appreciate their origin, their manifold abilities and their potential. Gender diversity and equal opportunities are an integral part of our corporate culture.

The objective: to convey enthusiasm and interest for technical and science-based professions to women on the basis on a variety of initiatives.