Erich Feichtenhofer Head of Sales
T: +43 50213 5346

Raw Materials

The Raw Materials Division secures RHI’s supply with raw materials from the Group’s own raw material sites in Austria, Italy, Turkey and China for the long term. Additional requirements are covered by raw materials purchased from external raw material suppliers

Strategic objective:
To increase the level of supply from our own raw material sources to 80% in the medium term. By organic growth, by investments to expand and optimize existing plants, by further expansion of backward integration and by stepping up acquisitions around the world.

Location policy:
Our network of the group-owned raw material deposits and plants processing these raw materials is based on a strategic concept which allows to optimally supply the production sites all over the world with raw materials to be treated and finished raw materials.

Optimization and further development:
Our specialists in the areas of research and development, mining and manufacturing continuously work on optimizing and developing our raw material supply further, thus securing the success of our Group in the long term.