Erich Feichtenhofer Head of Sales
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Raw materials sales

RHI offers a wide spectrum of raw materials from its own production processes and from trade.
Each year, RHI produces roughly 950,000 metric tons of calcined basic raw materials in the qualities of caustic magnesia, fused magnesia and sintered magnesia at eight sites in China, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Austria and Turkey. The basis for the production of raw materials is the company’s own surface and underground mining operations as well as the extraction of magnesia from seawater. RHI’s top priorities are maintaining the highest level of quality in its raw materials and production processes as well as ensuring supply security.

Raw Magnesite
RHI extracts raw magnesite from its own mines in China, Austria and Turkey.

Caustic Magnesia
RHI is a certified and registered supplier of caustic magnesia for animal feed. In addition, RHI produces caustic magnesia for the construction materials industry and special high-grade caustic magnesia for the refractories industry and the chemical industry. Caustic magnesia is produced at the plants in Ireland, Norway and Austria.

Sintered Magnesia
RHI produces various grades of sintered magnesia for demanding refractory applications at its plants in China, Ireland, Austria and Turkey.

These special raw materials for the refractories industry come from the plant in Radenthein, Austria.

Magnesia Products
Magnesium-rich raw materials that are processed into products for soil treatment and fertilization as well as for various chemical applications.

Slag Conditioners
Dolomite, magnesite and magnesia products for the treatment of slag in the steel industry.

RHI offers raw materials such as chrome ore, fused mullite and fused zirconia-mullite as commodities for the refractories industry and for foundries.