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Corporate Governance

RHI advocates the legal provisions preventing insider violations and adheres to the issuer compliance regulation effective in Austria since April 1, 2002 to support ┬ž 82 (5a) of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act.

A corporate governance code has been effective since October 1, 2002 in line with international standards regarding management responsibilities of companies. Details on this code are available on the internet at RHI supports corporate governance objectives to strengthen the confidence of domestic and foreign investors in the Austrian capital market.

RHI's Management and Supervisory Boards have closely examined the requirements of the Code of Corporate Governance. Its requirements and recommendations are already largely met by RHI. RHI's Management Board distributes information on compliance with the code at the publication of the final results. Moreover, RHI will publish an annual declaration on compliance including any deviations on the company website, after collecting the opinions of the boards concerned in accordance with line 58 of the Code.

If you require any further information, please contact us.

Mag. Robert Ranftler
Head of Legal & Compliance
Wienerbergstra├če 9
A-1100 Vienna, Austria

Phone +43 (0) 502 13-6222
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